10 paint color names to spark your creativity

We've all been there before: walking down the aisle of a store trying to pick out a new nail polish color or perhaps a new wine or beer to try, and you just don't know where to begin. Then it happens. The name on a label jumps out and grabs your attention. Maybe it's funny, poignant, rhymes, or connects with you on a different level and you've just made your choice.

The same can be true for paint colors! With nearly 8,000 colors to choose from on our site, it can feel overwhelming at times. In this collection, we've rounded up some of our staff's favorite paint color names as well as two from prominent color and interior design experts.

Jenna Kate at Home's pick, Kitten Whiskers (featured in the photo on this page) is playful in name, but creates a calm, charming atmosphere with its cool gray with pink undertones.

Kylie M's pick, Dill Pickle, is a subdued, yet crisp green which could be cute in a kid's room or on an accent piece.

Explore the rest of our favorite color names and see where your color journey takes you! 

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