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18 Paint Colors Inspired by Cold Weather Destinations

Which is your favorite wintry hue? (We're partial to Icelandic blues.)

    As winter endures—this new year, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere—our decor inspiration turns to that of the wintry variety. We've rounded up a few of our favorite destinations that inspire winter wanderlust and picked out a palette for each.


    Capture the Icelandic countryside vibe with a color palette designed to ever-so-gently usher you through the winter. 

    A wintry landscape/Photography: Josh Reid/A scene outside of Akureyri, Iceland, with its striking, snow-topped mountains.


    Norway in winter is frigid but this color palette is distinctly warm. 

    Houses along a waterway/Photography: Simon Williams/A wintry scene captured in Trondheim, Norway, where, the photographer notes, the temperature was approximately -4°F.

    White house in wintry landscape/Photography: Adrianna Kaczmarek/A quaint scene in Orkanger, Norway, inspires a paint palette of cool whites, blues, and blacks.


    With the promise of springtime bounty captured in the bright flowers, this Alaskan-inspired palette transmits both the cold of winter as well as the hope of a forthcoming spring. 

    Landscape with mountains in background/Photography: Sandra Seitamaa/An Alaskan landscape replete with snow-capped mountains beckons, springlike flowers in the foreground.


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