50's Pink (2086-70): 12"x12" | Samplize

50's Pink (2086-70): 12"x12"

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Allow 2-3 days for production. See description.

Important Stock Notice:

We have not yet produced an inventory of this color. If ordered, please allow us 2-3 days to produce an inventory and ship your order.
After an inventory is produced, we will keep an active stock of this color to prevent wait times for reorders.


Ships in 2-3 days


Simple peel-and-stick application


No painting, no cleanup


Real manufacturer paint


Displays color just like a wall


Shows underlying wall texture


No wasted material, no storage


Repositionable many times


Wraps around corners


Non-damaging adhesive backing


Quick & Pre-Painted

Make faster design decisions without dealing with the hassle of paint. Simply peel and stick to view real paint on the wall. The non- damaging adhesive is repositionable many times and can even wrap around corners to show contrast between walls.


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Amazingly Accurate

Unlike traditional paint swatches which are merely dyed to mimic color, our decals are hand painted with the specific paint color from each company. Two coats are applied with rollers for color accuracy and texture that is as good as it gets.

Two Sizes, Any Finish

Our decals are offered in two sizes and many finishes to fit the individual requirements of each job. The 12" x 12" fits in small spaces and is easily transported. The 24” x 24" is over 6 times the size of the largest paint swatches on the market.

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